Kids in circle making faces | Evansville, IN

While dinosaurs may be extinct, they’ll never go out of style. They’ll always be a source of interest and intrigue to people of all ages. If you live in the Evansville area, then you have a chance to see one of the biggest dinosaur events found anywhere in the country!

From July 27 to July 29, the Jurassic Quest XL Evolved will swing through Old National Events Plaza. Guests will experience dinosaurs from all eras as they walk through a display of realistic dinosaurs of all sizes. In fact, Jurassic Quest is exceptional for its true-to-size dinosaurs. It is the only event of its kind that replicates the actual size of these extinct reptiles. Expect to see both huge, towering models as well as authentically small dinos. Jurassic Quest collaborates with paleontologists in order to ensure accuracy and detail in their displays.

Gather your family and come through the Jurassic Quest XL event to check out more than 100 dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period, the Jurassic period and The Triassic period. When you’re done, you can load up your Kia Sorento from The Duell’s Evansville Kia and head to the drive-in theatre to see the newest Jurassic World movie for a complete dinosaur-themed adventure.