Out of gas | Evansville, IN

Gas prices are slowly rising as summer comes in hot, and many drivers are feeling the pressure as they plan their vacations. Check out these helpful ways to save money on gas during summer and extend your family road trips.

Don’t roll down the windows

Driving with the windows down may seem like a good way to save gas. Using the air conditioning certainly doesn’t improve fuel economy, after all. Hitting the road with the windows down might not be the best option at high speeds. As the wind enters the vehicle, it increases aerodynamic drag, causing the engine to work harder to maintain the vehicle’s speed.

If you’re cruising at low speeds, having the windows down might be the optimal choice, but using air conditioning on the highway is better for your efficiency.

Avoid idling

Idling is the absolute best way to reduce your vehicle’s fuel economy without going anywhere. When your vehicle is idling, it’s essentially earning 0 mpg. Instead of idling, put the air conditioning on the bottom vents and roll down the windows to force hot air out.

Inflate the tires

Proper tire inflation is crucial to increasing fuel economy and optimizing safety. Maintaining the recommended inflation levels provides more traction and can increase fuel economy by up to 10 percent.

Of course, if you’re looking to replace your current ride with something a little more fuel efficient, be sure to check out our lineup of vehicles at Evansville Kia.