De-Iced Car Windshield in Winter

With the winter season upon us, it can be frustrating to head out in the morning only to discover your car covered in a thick layer of ice. Instead of spending 10 minutes or more chipping it away, here is a great way to de-ice your windshield quickly.

Make a De-Icing Spray

While you can always buy a de-icing spray, it is fairly simple to make your own. You can a combination of isopropyl alcohol and water. Mix two parts alcohol and one part water. Spray over your windshield and watch the ice melt away. You can also try a saltwater mixture by adding a scoop or two of road salt and spraying this on your car. Make your spray ahead of time so you are ready to go when freezing weather arrives.

Warm Up Your Car

While your de-icing spray is working, go ahead and warm up the car from the inside out, too. Start the engine, crank up the heat, select the defrost mode for both the front and back windows, and turn the fan up as high as it will go. Make sure your tailpipe is clear of snow and ice before you start the engine.

Scrape Away

Once the ice starts melting, it should be a lot easier to scrape it away. Remember to uncover all your windows and exterior lights before driving.

For more winter driving tips, give us a call here at Evansville Kia. You can also schedule a seasonal service appointment to help ensure that your 2020 trips are safe and uneventful on the road.