Want to get the most out of your new Kia in Evansville, Indiana? We at Evansville Kia suggest you get to know its Kia UVO Link system better. This useful infotainment system does more than just play music. Here’s a look at some of the awesome functions it offers.

Remote door lock and unlock

Think you may have forgotten to lock the car doors while you busy getting your kid out of their car seat and into the grocery cart? If you’re out of range for your key fob to lock the doors, you can use Kia UVO Link to do this through your smartphone — even if you’re in a different city!

Find your car

Can’t figure out where you parked at the amusement park or the mall? Synching your vehicle’s Kia UVO Link to your phone’s Kia Access app will let you use location tracking to find it.

Remote climate control

When it’s a particularly cold winter morning in Evansville, you’ll be able to remotely start your Kia Sportage or Niro with your phone and get the heat running — before you even leave your living room. Your family will love hopping into a warm car.

Home-to-car connections

Using Alexa® or Google®, you’re able to use voice commands to perform all these operations. You can practically control your car by talking to it!

Other functions

Those are just a handful of the most notable Kia UVO Link functions. Others include maintenance alerts, automatic calls to 911 in an emergency, connecting with roadside assistance representatives,

Kia UVO Link is a subscription-based service, so you’ll have to sign up for it after your free trial ends. If you can sign up for Kia UVO Link on the Kia owners website and choose which package you want, since not all functions we’ve mentioned come with every package.

To get a Kia vehicle that’s compatible with Kia UVO Link services, shop for a new Seltos or Telluride at Evansville Kia.