2021 Kia Soul | Evansville, IN

With a purchase of a new Kia from Evansville Kia, you get more than a modern, fun-to-drive vehicle with plenty of style and personality. You also get the automaker’s extensive warranty plans for greater peace of mind.

Included in the new-car warranty coverage, Kia provides Emergency Roadside Assistance. This convenient program helps busy families like yours in Indiana avoid unexpected car problems or emergencies.

Basics of Kia Roadside Assistance

Even if mishaps happen when you’re driving, help is never far away when you have Kia Roadside Assistance.

Whether it’s a dead battery, an empty gas tank, or a flat tire, you will have access to speedy help 24 hours a day. With a simple call to Kia Customer Service and after confirming your eligibility, you will be connected to a Customer Service Assistant. You can explain your situation and location, and the assistant will dispatch the help you need.

Towing services to the nearest authorized Kia dealer can also be secured through the Roadside Assistance plan if your Kia vehicle is inoperable. If you lock your keys in your Kia model or misplaced your keys, don’t stress out. This service will help with that, too.

Learn more about the benefits of Kia Roadside Assistance when you buy a new vehicle from Evansville Kia in Evansville, Indiana. It’s one of the many benefits we offer to our customers.