2022 Kia EV6 | Evansville, IN

We have exciting news to share! The Kia EV6 is going to change the game for eco-conscious drivers here in Evansville, Indiana. The EV6 will be the automaker’s first dedicated battery-electric vehicle and is headed to dealerships — including Evansville Kia — in early 2022.

Charge times are a big concern for many electric vehicle drivers, especially out here in the Midwest, but the EV6 will be practical even in rural areas as it offers the world’s first 800-volt charging capability. This allows the EV6 to go from a 10-percent to 80-percent battery charge in under 18 minutes, making it easy for you to get back on the road after a quick power refill. The battery allows for up to a 300 mile trip on one full charge and even further with these quick-time recharges.

The electric crossover will feature Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that include semi-autonomous driver capabilities like Highway Driving Assist 2. The EV6 will also include an AR Head-Up Display system that will project 3D images onto the windshield.

The EV6 arrives with substance and style, flaunting its contemporary design. Kia was inspired by classic sports car profiles and blended that aesthetic with the size and functionality of a crossover. With a touch of modern tech and a classic style, the EV6 is a breath of fresh air for the electric auto market. We look forward to selling it at Evansville Kia next year so drivers in our city can finally own an affordable electric car.