Kia Partnership | Evansville, IN

When Kia announced its Plan S strategy of creating 11 electric vehicles by 2026, that was just the start of the brand’s sustainability efforts. In fact, one of the most recent ways Kia is giving back to the environment is through its partnership with The Ocean Cleanup.

Ho Sung Song, President and CEO of Kia Corporation, said, “The key to Kia’s vision for a sustainable future is not just to change the product and service areas, but to make positive changes for the planet. “Kia will continue to make inspirational movements through open partnerships with various partners with organizations like The Ocean Cleanup that have innovative technologies and ideas,” he added.

The Ocean Cleanup is an organization that creates technologies that help reduce the amount of plastic that is in the world’s oceans. Along with cleaning out the world’s water, TOC’s Interceptor™ Solutions is a system that actually stops and extracts plastic before it even reaches the ocean. But how is Kia helping?

Kia will provide financial assistance to TOC for the next seven years to help improve the organization’s technology. In addition, it will also supply four EVs — one EV6 and three Niro EVs — to the TOC headquarters in the Netherlands.

It’s always so exciting to hear how Kia is changing the world. If you want to know more about Kia’s electric and hybrid lineup, contact us at Evansville Kia!