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Man checking wiper blades | Evansville, IN

Winter presents not only some of the most hazardous road and weather conditions but also some of the most serious threats to your vehicle’s systems and parts. With winter’s cold temperatures, wet conditions, and salted roads, it’s important to protect your vehicle by properly maintaining it. Here are some winter service tips to help protect […]

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Service Bay | Evansville, IN

Whether you’re looking forward to a break from the heat, or are already dreading the colder weather, there’s no denying it: fall is just around the corner. Before the cooler months arrive, it’s important to do some simple car maintenance to make sure your vehicle is ready. Not sure where to start? Check out these […]

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If you have a vehicle, you need to perform regular maintenance on it in order to keep it healthy and prevent high repair costs in the long-term. However, car owners are faced with a tough choice when it comes to deciding where their vehicle should be serviced. Should you go to the dealership service department, […]

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